Come see
where bubbles
are made

Prosecco Escapes
is the ultimate experience
for Prosecco lovers
and food enthusiasts

Explore the heart of the certified DOCG region (Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene), its area of origin where it all began and discover the secrets of the most famous sparkling wine in the world.

Prosecco Escapes provide an authentic and immersive experience in the ‘bubble factory’ that is the Prosecco DOCG production area and its surrounding regions. Travel to northern Italy, sample traditional produce and enjoy gourmet cuisine against a backdrop of the beautiful rolling Prosecco hills before exploring the classy shopping district in Treviso. Round off your trip with an unforgettable tour of the famous Venice canals, a visit to the magical city of Trieste or one of Veneto’s other close-by neighborhoods under the pink peaks of the Dolomites.

Witness the passion of local producers for their land and their work first hand by visiting wineries and vineyards while receiving an introduction to production techniques and characteristics of the most authentic Prosecco wines.

Each getaway is carefully plotted by our expert holiday planners, while enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides will show you all there is to see in the area, disclosing local secrets, revealing hidden gems and heightening your experience with valuable insider tips. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your drink.

Prosecco Escapes is a boutique experience for passionate travellers. By limiting the amount of people on each shared or private tour, we provide everyone with a premium experience. If you have specific requests or wish to see a certain side of the area, let us know what are you looking for and we will prepare a tailored bespoke travel experience for you. The best things come in small packages.

Whether you are a group of friends, a romantic couple, a group of colleagues, looking for an exclusive experience for your wine or cooking school, or would like to invest in the education of your bar or restaurant staff, Prosecco Escapes is the getaway for you.

Come see where bubbles are made.


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An enchanted piece of land lying between the sea and the mountains.

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Extraordinary food & wine delights to nourish your body and your soul.

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Prosecco Escapes is just at a stone’s throw from your doorstep.

The hills of the Prosecco county of Conegliano Valdobbiadene lie at the foot of the Alps within the province of Treviso. Currently awaiting to be recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site, it is located halfway between the blue water of the Adriatic Sea and the pink rocks of the Dolomites mountains.

Ranging from 100m to 500m, its peculiar positioning ensures a mild climate and constant pleasant breeze, with the south-facing slopes allowing vineyards and estates wonderful sunshine exposure and breathtaking sunsets. This makes it the perfect corner for glera grapes to thrive, and a gem of natural pleasures perfect to visit in every season.

With around 170 certified producers of Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, there are plenty of bubbles to see. The hundreds of wineries range in size from huge industrial establishments to tiny family-run businesses focused on natural, organic, biodynamic wines: with all this choice, let us guide you through selecting the finest spots for wine tours and tastings.

Quality, authentic food & wine are the cornerstones of Prosecco Escapes and we feel particularly gifted to be able to operate in this wonderful region and to have the chance to spread the passion we feel every single day to our guests. We’re honoured to share the rich culture and traditions of the Veneto region with you: drink-wise, of course all the Prosecco ranges stated above will be available to you, in addition to ‘raboso’, ‘passito’ wines and countless options of grappa.

On the meat & fish side, you’ll be able to sample ossocollo, musetto, soppressa and porchetta, baccalà mantecato (creamed cod – try it with polenta), sarde in saor (marinated sardines) and a large choice of fish, seafood and shellfish (scampi, scallops, mussels, clams).

On the cheese front, you’ll be able to try Morlacco del Grappa, Bastardo del Grappa and imbriago (literally ‘drunk’ cheese) among many others. Vegetarians will be able to enjoy the notorious radicchio di Treviso, white asparagus, pumpkin and wide range of wild mushrooms.

Just imagine all the traditional, timeworn family recipes passed down from generation to generation that are calling out to be discovered…

Veneto and the north-east of Italy are easily reachable from all over the world and served by plenty of flights, with the two nearest airports being Venice Marco Polo (VCE) and Treviso Sant’Angelo (TSF), or Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport (TRS) if you’re planning to visit Trieste first. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, the region is easily accessible by train or car. Feel free to drop us a message if you need any travel advice.

Starting from here, in no time at all, you will be able to experience first hand the world-famous charm of Venice’s canals and palaces, visit the infamous town of Treviso with its fashionable shops and taverns, see the UNESCO heritage site that is the Dolomites peaks and discover the uncommon elegance of Trieste.

As much as we’re in love with Prosecco, sometimes we take a break from the bubbles and enjoy the wide scope of experiences and activities this wonderful corner of Italy is able to offer: from romantic spa breaks to thrilling water rapids, from relaxing walks to exciting Vespa or bike rides, from world-class fine dining to horse riding, castles, museums, cooking classes, skiing, mask-making and baking workshops just to name a few, you’ll be spoiled for choice, for every occasion.

Don’t be shy, come see where bubbles are made.