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Prosecco glass drink taste

Private tour | Self-guided
2 nights | 3 days
8 people max 
| 18+ only

For the more independently inclined travellers, we have created a self-guided lite package, including unforgettable winery visits, wine tasting with the finest Prosecco DOCG producers, and memorable feasts featuring the freshest local ingredients and delicious dishes.

What’s included:

Lay down, relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere surrounding our selected bed & breakfasts, hotels and country houses, enriching your stay with authentic ambience and rustic character.

All the rooms included in our offer feature private bathroom and free wifi, as well as a hearty breakfast to put a smile on your face from the early morning.

Countryside stay

Welcome to the bubble factory!

Gain access to the authentic and certified DOCG wineries of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, where the finest bubbles are made.

Prosecco masters designing beautifully crafted fizzy juices will open their gates to you, unveiling what’s behind the scenes of the most famous sparkling wine in the world. They’ll take you through cellars, wineries, vineyards and exclusive tastings, disclosing techniques, experiences and stories you will remember at every sip.

Valdobbiadene Prosecco Tour

Hidden in the heart of the Prosecco hills are passionate and sophisticated chefs, carefully picking the most fresh and seasonal ingredients gifted by the fertile soil and seas of Veneto.

The result is a selection of rich and fascinating dishes combining both tradition and innovation, perfect for pairing with bubbles from the nearby wineries while overlooking the smooth green dunes of Valdobbiadene.

A meal to remember.

Prosecco Restaurant table

Eating and drinking like a local while abroad is the best way to appreciate regional recipes and seasonal products.

That’s why we’ll be taking you to a traditional ‘osteria’ preparing popular dishes, adapting their menu to seasonal availability and taking the pleasure of enjoying local cuisine to the highest level.

Mom’s cooking is hard to beat.

Veneto local cuisine
  • Flights or outbound / inbound travel.
  • Car /van hire or driver.
  • Alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, wine, coffee and extras not included in the meals stated above.
  • Recommended travel insurance.
Prosecco glass drink taste
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